24 Hours in Mitad de Mundo, Ecuador: Highlights and Downsides

Few people recognize that the reason Ecuador is called Ecuador is because that word means equator in Spanish! If you didn’t know, that name is extremely fitting because the equator runs right through the country, and they’ve got a park to celebrate it. Just a short ride from the capital of the country, Quito, Mitad del Mundo is a must-see during your Ecuador exploring. For all things Mitad del Mundo, read on.

A taste of the highest heights in Ecuador

There are several companies that offer tours from Quito to the Mitad del Mundo park, but most people find it easy enough to take the bus, which costs less than a dollar both ways. You’ll have to pay the entrance fee ($3), but there are cafes and a museum within the park to make the trip worth a couple of hours.

Expect hot heat, clear blue skies, and plenty of other tourists taking pictures along the yellow line that marks the equator. To see the park through the eyes of fellow tourists, find a video below.

See the equator and learn fast facts about Ecuador in this short video

Two young travelers share their experience at Mitad del Mundo in this short but very informational video. Watch to get a feel for what the park looks like and also learn a few fun facts about the city of Quito, the equator, and the country on the whole.


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The best of Mitad del Mundo

For many people the attraction of the equator is enough of a draw, there is probably a good number of people who would want to visit the spot where the two hemispheres met even if there weren’t a monument. But there is a monument, and so much more for visitors to enjoy. Find a list of the highlights below.

  • the weather
  • the friendly staff who show you around
  • the museums
  • the yellow line which marks the actual equator
  • the Mitad del Mundo passport stamp
  • well manicured lawns and plenty of space for kids to play!

It is worth the entrance fee just to say you have been to the places where both hemispheres meet, but this park really takes it about and beyond. Plan to spend the day there, lunching at one of the cafes, taking photos, and enjoying the novelty of the ground on which you stand.

The worst of Mitad del Mundo

Here are the two major drawbacks to the Mitad del Mundo park.

1. Altitude

Quito is the second highest city in the world, and because Mitad del Mundo is just a short bus ride away, the altitude remains more or less the same. For many, altitude sickness is a major drawback, and may prevent you from coming to Quito at all.

2. The planetarium

It is underwhelming. Do yourself a favor and spend your time at this park exploring some of the many other attractions that are sure to offer you fun and memorable experiences.

All things considered there isn’t much to complain about at Mitad del Mundo. It makes a great day trip from the city, and is such a unique experience there is no way you will regret it. So plan a day of your trip to Ecuador and visit the country’s namesake.

Mitad del Mundo: An Obvious Stop in Ecuador

How many people in the world can say they have had one foot in both hemispheres? Not many. If you are someone who likes to be able to say (truthfully) fun facts like that, or if you are just a curious explorer, then Mitad del Mundo is an obvious stop. The pros are many and the cons are few. For a complete Ecuador experience, visit Mitad del Mundo and take a bunch of photos for your less adventurous friends.

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