Eastern Beaches of Zanzibar: From Pingwe to Jambiani

If you’re looking for a place to truly getaway, consider the eastern beaches of Zanzibar! Remote and stunningly beautiful, they are the a great place to relax and have some fun. Of course, not every beach is perfect or for everyone.

Check out information about Zanzibar’s beaches below with all of the pros and cons you need to know in order to choose the right beach for you.

Here’s What To Expect

Does palm tree-lined beaches, clear blue waters, and a bunch of coral reefs waiting to be discovered sound good to you? Great! Because that’s what you’ll find here. On beaches like Pingwe, you can walk along the beach and find colorful starfish.

It’s probably best known for its restaurant called ‘The Rock’ that sits out on the water. Yes, you actually have to swim or boat there!

If you’re looking for a beach that’s a little less touristy and closer to the locals, then check out Jambiani. It has a group of local villages sitting along it. It’s a unique part of Zanzibar where most of their seaweed harvesting happens. Go here if you want something a little more relaxing and authentic.

There are also a few worthwhile beaches to check out between Pingwe and Jambiani. Getting to those later!

Watch This Video And See Why These Beaches Really Are So Special

It’s hard to believe that nowadays you can travel to these beautiful spots so quickly with just a plane ride from your home to true paradise. But it’s true! This isn’t like Hawaii or The Bahamas that always seem to be filled with tourists. Zanzibar is much more secluded still (and maybe even more beautiful).

This video is made by two visitors who fell in love with Zanzibar and documented their time there traveling to and from all of the best beaches and villages there. Get pumped to plan your getaway trip by watching this video RIGHT NOW!


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Best Parts of Zanzibar Beaches

Whether you’re a fan of the resort hotels or are more into a smaller and cozier one on the beach, you’ll be able to find it here. Pingwe has lots of cool boutique hotels with fancy swimming pools to satisfy your island needs.

Bwejuu Beach (located in between Pingwe and Jambiani) also has family-friendly resorts with tranquil spa centers to unwind at. In Jambiani, you’ll find some more chill beachfront hotels with no pretensions. Some of them are so close to the beach you can basically touch the water from your hotel window.

The food and dining scene in Zanzibar is another reason worth traveling for. Having similar ingredients to Middle Eastern cuisine, you’ll find fragrant foods bursting with cinnamon, coriander, cloves, and other exotic spices.

Basically, every meal is meant to tingle your nose and remind you of how important spices are to this island home. If you want to eat like the locals do, be sure to go for the Biryani dishes made with fragrant rice and meats of your choice.

Important Things to Know Before You Travel to Zanzibar

Your watch won’t help you. In Zanzibar, the locals are always on ‘Swahili Time.’ Basically, when the sun comes over the horizon it’s considered 7 a.m. and when it sets it’s probably 7 p.m.

It works this way because Zanzibar is relatively very close to the equator so its days are split evenly between light and dark. So don’t get upset if you try to make a dinner reservation and no one can help you!

As far as transportation goes, you’re going to have to get used to riding the bus system or taking taxis there if you want to travel around Zanzibar. Rental cars aren’t too popular on this small island.

Riding the buses is definitely not very comfortable and can be very crowded, but it is super cheap. You will also see minibuses around Zanzibar called Dala Dalas. These are also very cheap, but sometimes drivers will try to take advantage and charge you more. Just ask around until you find an honest driver!

Be prepared to be slow. Like most islands (with the exemption of Manhattan), life is lived at a much slower pace than you are accustomed to. Your drink may take 40 minutes to make, but don’t get upset about it. Enjoy the scenery!

Start looking into flights and hotel rooms today and give yourself a well-deserved vacation in one of the most magical places on Earth.

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